GDS 5Gravimetric dosing system

Float block image gds5 web

GDS5 is the compact unit of the loss in weight blender family by FDM.

Designed for free-flowing pellets with one central free-flowing station and four side stations equipped with dosing screw, GDS5 can run in starve or flood filling mode and can be used for the loss in weight applications and extrusion line control.

The blender configuration is highly flexible: the number of stations included is according the actual recipe, while the hopper volume and the dosing screw can be selected according to the required throughput; stainless steel insulated hoppers are available for high temperature materials. The central station has a maximum production of 600 kg/h, while the side stations can run up to 300 kg/h of pellets.

The control is realized with a Siemens PLC S1500 series, while the HMI is a 12” high resolution colored touch panel; the control of the GDS5 integrates also the feeding system. Profinet communication is available in case of multi-extruder systems, while dosing data are available via WebService.


● Throughput control and gravimetric blending systems, continuous gravimetric systems using the “loss-in-weight” principle ensure
● Total 5 components
● Max. output to 600 kg/h
● Pellet, regrind and additive
● To 4 auxiliary components with dosing screws
● PLC Control with HMI 12“