GDS 11 Gravimetric dosing system

Float block image gds 11

Throughput control and gravimetric blending systems

Our GDS 11 series are applied, when continuous dosing with the highest accuracy is required.
Basically the unit is located above the extruder inlet and fed by vacuum receivers.
High quality load cells measure the loss in weight of the single components and the servo drives regulate the throughput of the auxiliary components.


● Total 11 components (1 main and 10 auxilliary components dosed by screw)
● Max. throughput up to 800 kg/h
● Higher throughput possible as customized solution
● Pellet, flakes, regrind, additives and powder
● Suitable for single and twin screw extruders
● Customized solutions on demand
● Extruder and haul off control
● Siemens control